Moving can be a particularly stressful time. Various tasks must be completed before moving day, and one of the most important is packing up your furniture in preparation for the move. Knowing where to start can be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you understand how to pack your furniture for the move ahead.

Measuring Your Large Furniture Items

Before you bring any sizable furniture into your new house, you will want to use some measuring tape to check if it will fit through the doorways and around the corners of your home. You want to avoid surprises on the day of the move. If any pieces are too large or bulky, you will have to take them apart to move them and arrange them suitably in your new place.

Inspecting and Cleaning Your Furniture

Before packing your furniture for the move, you will want to inspect your furniture for any signs of damage. This will help you in deciding whether you want to keep each item. If there are any defective or damaged pieces, you may choose to replace them instead of keeping them. Pack items in poor condition last so that they are the first things to be unpacked when you arrive at your new place.

When preparing your furniture to move, it is important to give them a thorough clean. Many store-bought furniture cleaning products are available, but you can also make your own cost-effective cleaning solution in your kitchen. To make this homemade cleaning solution, you will need water, white vinegar, a cloth, and furniture polish.

Simply dampen a rag with water and white vinegar to wipe down the furniture. Then you apply your choice of furniture polish and then buff it until you see it shine.

This easy do-it-yourself cleaning solution is great for all kinds of furniture made from wood, leather, vinyl, and plastic. Reading the instructions on the cleaner you buy is important to ensure you’re using the product correctly. Be careful not to mix different cleaning solutions together, as this can cause a hazardous chemical reaction.

Preparing the Packing Materials Required for Your Move

When moving from a home you’ve been living in for a long time; you need specific resources to ensure that all your belongings get moved properly. It is best to use the appropriate tools, items, and materials to securely pack up your furniture for the move.

Furniture Disassembly

Taking apart bulky furniture before packing it is one of the best things you can do in preparation for the move, as it will reduce the amount of space taken up in a truck and make the transportation process more streamlined. Additionally, you might have to disassemble some of your larger furniture items to get them out of your old home and into your new one. If you have no idea how to take these pieces apart, ask people who are knowledgeable in the task. They can demonstrate which parts need to be taken off so the pieces can be packed correctly. Get rid of any additional throw pillows or bedding – these occupy an excessive amount of space in a box and can become dirty.

Removing Glass Pieces

It is advisable to remove any glass fixtures, such as doors, shelves, tabletops, or showcases, from your furniture before packing it. This will help protect them against any damages while being transported. You can place these items back in the furniture when you move into your new home.

To guarantee protection for glass tables and mirrors, you should wrap them in bubble wrap and secure the wrap with painter’s tape. To guard against shattering, create an “X” shape with the tape. Make sure to cover the whole glass or mirror, making sure all the edges are properly secured. To ensure total safety, place the item between two sheets of corrugated cardboard and seal the package with tape.

Keeping Small Fastening Parts

It is essential to securely store any small components you have taken off your furniture while disassembling it. For example, if you had to take the handles off the dresser drawers to get them out, make sure you keep them in a safe place. You can reattach them after you have moved or purchase any other items necessary for your new furniture.

Packing Your Furniture

When it comes to ensuring your furniture is secure during transport, bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are the most essential items. Bubble wrap can be used to cover fragile wood pieces, while plastic sheeting or specially-made leather sofa covers should be used to protect your couch or other upholstered items. If you don’t have access to these materials, blankets or packing blankets can be used, as well as corrugated cardboard sheets.

Begin the packing process by wrapping each item with plenty of bubble wrap or other protective material. Place the wrapped furniture in a solid box, which can be acquired from most home improvement stores or packing supply stores. Label each box according to the room the furniture will be in your new home, and be sure to transport all of the boxes together so you can easily unpack them when you arrive at your destination.

Getting assistance when moving is always beneficial. It could be from individuals you know or a professional moving company. These guidelines will help make relocating furniture simpler and minimize the risk of damaging any items during your move.