Moving can be a hassle, particularly when securing your belongings, like glasses, to reach your new place safely. If you’re gearing up for a move, whether it’s to the apartment next door or across state lines, you might be scratching your head about how to pack your glassware properly. Don’t worry, there are effective ways to ensure your glasses arrive without a scratch, and we cover them all right here. Read more to learn how you can properly package your glassware ahead of your move.

Choosing the Right Boxes

Part of successful glass packing is picking the right boxes and equipment. The ideal box size is crucial – it should be big enough to hold your glassware but not so heavy that it risks breaking under the weight. Plus, ensure the boxes can be securely closed on both ends to prevent any unfortunate glass casualties during the move.

Wrapping Glasses the Right Way

It’s all about wrapping! How you wrap your glasses can make or break (literally) their journey to your new home. Use strong materials like heavy-duty bubble wrap and tissue paper. Wrapping your glasses carefully will help keep them intact while they travel to their new destination.

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Seeking Professional Help

Moving glassware is tricky, and there’s no shame in calling in the pros. Professional movers, like those at Illuminated Moving and Packing, are your go-to for this. They have all the right tools – from the perfect boxes to professional-grade wrapping materials – to ensure your glasses are packed and transported safely.

Contact Illuminated Moving and Packing

When packing delicate items like glasses, it’s often best to leave it to the experts. The Illuminated Moving and Packing team has the know-how to pack, transport, and unload your fragile items with ease, no matter your destination.

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