Moving day can throw a curveball at anyone, but it doesn’t have to be a source of stress or injury. Rushed, DIY moves often lead to mishaps, especially when handling bulky items that really require a team effort. Lighten the load of moving day by bringing in the pros from Illuminated Moving and Packing. Planning ahead and getting an early start on packing are your first steps to a smooth move. With these five expert tips, you can sidestep those moving day mishaps.

Team Up for the Heavy Lifting

You might not need to hit the gym, but you do need to think about who’s lifting your boxes. Bringing in professional movers means having a squad who’s got your back—literally. They’re your go-to for packing up, breaking down furniture, and making sure your fragile items are moved without a hitch. They tackle the heavy lifting, which means you can focus on the lighter tasks and final touches.

Equip Yourself for Success

One secret to a injury-free moving day is having the right tools for the job. Ensure your moving team comes equipped with gadgets like appliance dollies to streamline the move. This not only keeps everyone safe but also speeds up the process, allowing for a swifter, more efficient move.

Pack Smart, Not Hard

Overstuffed boxes are a recipe for trouble. They’re tough to carry and can cause strain or injury. Plus, they make the move harder for everyone involved. Keep your boxes manageable; distribute the weight evenly to make them easier to lift. This helps everyone move more efficiently and safely.

Proper Lifting: Legs Over Back

Any mover worth their salt will tell you: “Lift with your legs, not with your back.” This golden rule is crucial for avoiding injuries. To do so, keep your stance stable, squat down instead of bending over, and keep your back straight as you lift. This technique is essential for protecting your neck and spine during the move.

Clear the Way

Obstacles in your path are accidents waiting to happen. Small items, loose cables, or even pets can become hazards, leading to trips or falls. Ensure your pathways are clear and plan the best route for moving items to the truck or car. A clutter-free path is the key to a safe and efficient moving day.

Opting for a move with Illuminated Moving and Packing not only saves time but also spares you from potential moving day injuries. 

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