Plant-Friendly Moving: Tips for a Smooth Transition

It’s that time again when many of us are considering changing our living situations. With the rise of remote work, our concept of what makes a house a home is evolving. For many, a home isn’t a home without their houseplants. If you have live houseplants in your home, of course, you want them to move with you. Bringing your green buddies along for the ride is natural, but moving with plants isn’t as simple as packing up a box. They need a bit of extra TLC to stay perky during the move and settle into their new home just right.

Understanding Your Plants’ Moving Needs

Believe it or not, your plants can get a bit stressed out with a big move, just like us humans. They’ll be looking to you for some extra care to help them adjust. While the ideal way to move them is in the car with you, ensuring they stay upright and cool, sometimes that’s not doable. Before you start packing, it’s worth checking with your moving company, now known as Illuminated Moving and Packing, about their policies on home moving with plants. Some might not be equipped to handle your leafy friends, or they might need you to sign a disclaimer.

Flying With Plants: A Rough Ride

Considering air freight for your plants? It’s an option, but be prepared that airlines won’t roll out the red carpet for them. Your plants will basically get the same VIP treatment as a suitcase or any regular cargo—which is to say, not much at all. They’ll be handled in the most basic way, so don’t expect any special care or attention.

Tips for a Smooth Plant Move

When it comes to ensuring your plants make it to your new home without a scratch (or lost leaf), it’s all about the preparation and special care. Moving with plants requires some extra steps to ensure they’re surviving the move and thriving once they arrive. So, let’s dive into making your home moving experience as plant-friendly as possible.

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