Relocating, whether it’s a short distance of just a block or to an entirely different city, often comes with its share of stress. To make your move smoother and stress-free, we’ve compiled a list of five common moving mistakes, along with strategies to avoid them.

1. Moving Without a Checklist

Proper planning and organization are crucial for a smooth move. Create a personalized, prioritized moving checklist to guide you through each phase of the moving process. A good checklist will help you complete pre-move preparations on time, reducing last-minute stress.

2. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Pack

Packing is time-consuming and tedious, but it’s a necessary part of moving. Give yourself enough time to pack based on the size of your home and the number of items you have. If you have many fragile and delicate items, you’ll need more time. If you’re short on time, ask your professional movers about their packing services.

3. Not Getting Rid of Possessions

Before you begin packing, sort through your belongings and identify items you haven’t used in a long time. Sell valuable items you no longer need and donate items you won’t use. Decluttering and organizing can be mentally liberating, making packing less stressful.

4. Attempting the Move on Your Own

Hiring professional movers may be costly, but it’s generally worth the expense. Moving on your own can take more time, and there’s a risk of losing or damaging valuable items. Consider your moving needs and budget, then decide whether to hire a moving company.

5. Not Considering Your New Neighbors

When moving into a new home, be mindful of your new neighbors. Make arrangements for where the moving truck will park, and inform neighbors in advance if the truck will block their driveway or require a lot of space.

In conclusion, with proper planning and focus, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re planning a move soon and need assistance, Illuminated Moving & Pack is here to help. Click Here to contact us today.