Washing machines, are a staple in every household. They’re essential for keeping our clothes clean and making our lives easier. So, if you’re stepping into a new home and need to tackle the moving of one of these bad boys, we’ve got your back. At Illuminated Moving and Packing, we’re more than just your average Asheville movers; we’re here to guide you through the ins and outs of moving a washing machine. Stick around to catch all the tips and tricks!

Do-It-Yourself or Call for Backup?

You could try moving a washing machine on your lonesome. However, we’d strongly advise against it. Why? Because even the most basic home washing machines are pretty hefty and awkward to handle. Going solo with this task could not only hurt you but also damage your appliance. Bringing in another set of hands or roping in a professional from a moving and storage company can make a world of difference. It’s all about making the move safer and smoother, avoiding any bumps, bruises, or breaks along the way.

The Challenge of Moving Washing Machines

At first glance, moving a washing machine might seem no big deal. But, let’s not jump the gun. These appliances are not just heavy; they’re also packed with delicate bits and pieces that don’t take kindly to jostling and bumping around. The truth is, moving one by yourself isn’t just hard—it’s risky. Injury and damage to your machine are lurking around the corner. But, with a little help, what seemed like a mountainous task can quickly turn into a molehill. Here at Illuminated Moving and Packing, we’re equipped with all the right tools and know-how to make moving your washing machine as smooth as silk.

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Moving Without a Dolly? No Problem!

Got no dolly? Don’t fret. Moving a washing machine without one is doable with a bit of planning and an extra pair of hands. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. First things first, unplug the washer and turn off the water. Make sure all hoses are tightly secured and won’t leak.
  2. Tilt the washer back a tad and slide a sturdy board or furniture slider underneath.
  3. With your helper, gently lift and glide the washer to its new spot.

Remember, this method is okay for short hauls, but without a dolly, you’re increasing the potential strains and damages.

Beyond Laundry Machines with Illuminated Moving and Packing

Illuminated Moving and Packing isn’t just about guiding you through washing machine moves. We’re here to tackle the heavy lifting of all shapes and sizes, ensuring your move is as seamless as possible. Moving bulky items can be a headache, but with our team of professionals, it’ll feel like a breeze. Get in touch for a free quote and make your move worry-free.