Moving can be a big task, involving setting a date, contacting movers, and getting supplies. Usually, you think of boxes, tape, and packing paper, maybe even some bubble wrap for extra protection (and fun for the kids!). But there’s one item that often gets overlooked but is super important for a smooth move: moving blankets.

Why Moving Blankets Are Essential

These blankets are lifesavers for protecting your furniture during the move. Think about your beds, bookshelves, and even that quirky bronze cat statue. Moving blankets are like protective buddies for your belongings, helping keep them safe from the common bumps and scrapes on moving day. Wondering how many you need? Your moving company, like Illuminated Moving, can help figure out the right amount for your big items.

Best Times to Use Moving Blankets

Professional movers always use moving blankets, and you should too. They’re perfect for wrapping up your pricey items to keep them safe and clean. Because they’re designed to absorb shocks, these blankets can be a game-changer in keeping your favorite coffee table or chairs in perfect condition during transit. You can also use them to guard vulnerable parts of your house like corners, banisters, and doorways, providing an extra layer of protection as furniture and boxes are moved in and out.

How to Use Moving Blankets Effectively

These blankets are pretty big, around 6 to 7 feet on each side, and made up of layers like a bedspread. They’re usually two-toned, with a lighter and darker side. Use the lighter side to cover items needing extra care. The darker side should face outward. If you’re moving a long distance, place extra blankets between furniture and boxes to prevent shifting. And remember, if it’s raining, add plastic over your items, as moving blankets aren’t waterproof.

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Are They Really Worth It?

Absolutely! Moving blankets are an affordable and effective way to prepare your belongings for the move. They do a great job protecting your delicate items like vases, lamps, and even glass slippers. Plus, they keep things like nightstands free from dust and dirt and help prevent mirror damage (who wants seven years of bad luck?).

Make Moving Day a Breeze with Illuminated Moving

Don’t let moving day stress you out. Reach out to us at Illuminated Moving to ensure your move is smooth and hassle-free. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, our team of professional movers is ready to help. We’re skilled, patient, and efficient, making sure your move is well-organized and as easy as possible.

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