Furniture Moving 101: Preparing for a Move 

Preparing for a move is a significant task, but it’s doable. Organizing your belongings into labeled boxes and stacking them neatly in each room isn’t too difficult. However, dealing with large furniture may seem daunting. Here are some insights on how professional movers disassemble and work as a team to load and unload household furnishings safely.

Remove Feet from Bulky Furniture

If a sofa or armchair won’t fit through the doorway, remove the feet. This not only eliminates the risk of scraping but also reduces the size of the furniture. Most furniture feet are screw-in so that you can reattach them upon arrival at your new home.

Disassemble Whatever You Can

Large furniture is likely designed for disassembly. Couch sectionals, vanities, dressers, and dining room tables often have removable parts. You can either disassemble furniture yourself or hire a professional moving company for expert-level disassembly and reassembly.

Keep Hardware Bagged and Labeled

Don’t lose your furniture parts and hardware. Label a Ziploc bag for each piece of furniture and place the hardware inside. Then, either tape the bag to the furniture or put all labeled bags in one easy-access box.

Always Work with Two or More People

Never move large and bulky furniture alone. Always have at least two people to carefully move and maneuver large items, especially through tight spaces.

Use the Right Furniture Moving Equipment

Ensure you have the necessary moving equipment, such as dollies and hand trucks, to prevent injury and damage to your items and home.

Wrap Furniture in Blankets for Protection

Use moving blankets or spare blankets to wrap furniture, protecting it from scratches during the move and reducing the risk of damage to your home.

If you need help moving large furniture, the professionals at Illuminated Moving & Packing can assist with disassembly, wrapping, transport, and reassembly. Click here to contact us today to discuss your move!